Red Oak Soccer Association

"Sports do not build character, they reveal it"  ~ John WOODEN

Red Oak Soccer Association Mission Statement:

​To teach and instill the game of soccer to the children of Red Oak in North Texas from ages 3-18, and to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to all players and teams alike.  Our goal is to allow all children, regardless of skill and experience, a chance to play on a team that they can continue to grow with season after season as long as they would like to continue playing the game.  Our 50% rule ensures that all kids are played equally and are given the same opportunity to improve their skill and play the game that we all love.  

RO Soccer Association is a volunteer organization.  More than just being volunteers, we are parents, family and community members that enjoy being a part of an active association.  We are proud of our organization and invite you to become a part of our team in any capacity - player, coach, parent, mentor or spectator!  

For more information on our board members or to become a volunteer as a board member, click here.