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Welcome to all Coaches, new and veterans to Red Oak Soccer Association!  First off let us start with a huge THANK YOU for volunteering your time and effort into coaching the youth soccer players of our community.  There is no greater reward than being out there and being an influential role model for these kids to look up to.  If you are not a coach but are considering becoming a coach, please follow the link below:


We have put together this page to as a general guide to assist all coaches in materials we find handy at times to utilize during your practices, games, etc.  If there is something you need to know but cannot find here, please contact your commissioner.  If you do not know your commissioner, click here for our board members page.  To the right are several uniform vendors, local businesses, and resources that might help you as well.  Please note, you are not required to do business with any of these vendors, and feel free to use your own.  These are just up here for your convenience. 

Soccer Coaching For Dummies:

This is a great powerpoint that will help any new coach and existing coach!  If you have a minute, click on the link and download it.  It is a great read, easy to follow, and is loaded with a ton of useful information that may help you in your coaching career.  

How to access Game Reports required for every game:

Game reports must be provided to the Referees before every game.  

Game reports may be accessed by following the instructions below:

1) Go to
2) Go to log in at top of page
3) Click log in under "Teams and Team officials"
4) Enter your username and password under "team account"
5) Once logged in, on top go to "roster"
6) Once in the roster on the right side, you will have upcoming schedule/game cards.
7) Click on the game number and you can print up your game card

While not required, this course is $25 online and well worth the time and cost for any coach looking to learn a few extra skills and pointers.  

Red Oak Soccer Association

"Sports do not build character, they reveal it"  ~ John WOODEN