Red Oak Soccer Association

"Sports do not build character, they reveal it"  ~ John WOODEN

Red Oak Soccer Association is fortunate enough to have the Red Oak ISD School district allowing us to use the Eastridge soccer fields as soccer fields.  This is the first year in a long time where we are trying to get those fields up to par.  Please bear with us as it takes a lot of time and money to get the area up to par.  Over the next several weeks, we will be painting the goals and installing nets.  We have already signed an agreement to have the fields mowed on a bi-weekly basis, and have placed some flags out there to separate out the fields.  Practice fields are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Please do not use up more than half of a soccer field per team.  

Use of the Eastridge Soccer Fields are for Red Oak Teams only.  Please report any outside teams or players to the ROSA Board of Directors or send us an email on our Contact Us page.  

Also, please remember that ROISD is gracious enough to allow us to use the land there.  Please do not dump your trash on the ground.  Clean up after your players and your teams as we do not have regular maintenance staff cleaning up or dumping the trash out there.  We appreciate your full cooperation in the upkeep of those fields so that we may continue to use them in the future.

Practice is an integral part of the game. It allows players fellowship, time to fine tune and learn new skills, as well as help prevent injuries during games. Practices should be scheduled for a weekday but may be held on weekends at the discretion of the coach. 

 Here is a list of recommended coaching aids:

» Cones-available in all sizes. It is good to also have the flat discs as well or plastic lids to mark off lines.
» Portable goals. 4 larger traffic cones serve well for goals. Corner flags can be placed through the middle of the cones for height.
» Pinnies or training bibs will help to distinguish teams.
» Soccer balls. Make sure every one of your players brings a ball to every practice. Count on bringing a few extras yourself.